Anchor Mast Type III Barricade

Anchor Mast Type III Barricade: Durable, Lightweight, Crashworthy

The most Feature-Laden Type III Barricade on the Market!

MUTCD-Compliant. NCHRP-350 Certified.

4′-12′ Lengths

Anchor Mast Type III Barricade System is made of 3 components: Anchor Mast Upright, Anchor Base, and Wave Centerboard Panel. Each component is designed as part of a system; each complements the other. All 3 components are blow-molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with UV inhibitors, for longer life and durability.


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Work Zone, Permanent


45 mph TL-2, 62 mph TL-3, 70 mph TL-3+