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DR-46 Motorcycle Barrier System


The DR-46 Motorcycle Barrier Attenuator (MBA) is designed to attach to standard roadside guardrail to protect errant motorcyclists from the guardrail post during a fall or collision.

The use of The DR-46 MBA under guardrail reduces the risk of the motorcyclist impacting dangerous guardrail posts.  The DR-46 MBA is easy to install with a simple connection to existing guardrail posts.

The DR-46 can greatly decrease the injury and fatality rates of motorcycle guardrail accidents without interfering with guardrail performance. The DR-46 Motorcycle Barrier Attenuator is a physically flexible system that can follow radius curves as low as 15 m (50’).

  • Significantly reduces injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists
  • Attenuator absorbs energy and redirects the impacting motorcyclist by preventing the motorcyclist from impacting guardrail posts
  • Bright yellow color acts as a warning to all motorists
  • Allows for a curve radius as low as 15 m (50’)
  • Ideal for context sensitive design applications

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