SafetyWall Pedestrian Barricade

SafetyWallâ„¢ ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

A Detectable Device for Accessible Work Zones. Pedestrians are Safer.

SafetyWall is a barricade that can be used as a sidewalk closure, or assembled to create an array of interlocking longitudinal channelizer devices.
SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Features for Safe, Detectable Guidance:

  • Smooth, continuous upper surface for safer hand-trailing.
  • Long cane users can tap confidently. Space between bottom and ground is less than 2″; reduces potential for trapped cane tips.
  • Accepts pedestrian aids like warning lights and Audible Information Devices.
  • Retroreflective sheeting helps guide pedestrians safely through work zones.
  • Flat vertical surface (the front, as shown) eliminates obstacles, like those found in most barricades.

As highlighted by the yellow line, SafetyWall’s design does not contain obstacles that protrude into the walkway.

SafetyWall can be used as a single unit, to create sidewalk closures, OR in multiple units, to create continuous, interlocking, longitudinal channelizer arrays.

SafetyWall provides safe, continuous, detectable guidance for pedestrians, especially for pedestrians with limited vision or mobility issues.

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Work Zone, Permanent


45 mph TL-2, 62 mph TL-3, 70 mph TL-3+